Web Development

The Ultimate Web Development: Business in the Back-End, Party in the Front-End

At Sangfroid! we know the value of a stunning, functional website and undeniable digital presence. As a top web development agency, we work closely with every client to create a custom site that cuts through the noise (and cuts down the competition).

1. Creative exploration & branding

Top-to-Bottom Creative and Web Development

Conducting competitor research

Our web design services start with a close examination of your competition—every last company that stands a chance against you. Our web developers and designers familiarize themselves with existing brands to ensure we build a custom WordPress site that stands out from the pack.  

Gathering company-wide insight

You can’t join ‘em, so we might as well beat ‘em. As an experienced web developer agency, we’ll review the competition to analyze and nitpick every little thing—so we can use what works and avoid their mistakes. We’ll translate things you like and dislike into a one-of-a-kind custom site that accounts for your goals, brand identity, and user base.

Creating a cohesive visual identity

Using your insights as our North Star, our web design agency experts will prepare preliminary mockups that speak to your brand. Together, we’ll solidify an attention-grabbing visual identity that’s all you. 

2.Website prototyping and design

Building Our Way Toward Full-Fledged Design and Prototyping

Design and layout, page by page

Our web design services blend readability, authenticity, and navigability for a tailored, expressive layout unlike any other. We’ll mock up some pages and walk you through each one to ensure you’re happy with where we’re headed. 

Copywriting in your unique brand voice

Dexterous in-house writers are ready to take your web copy to unparalleled heights. These master wordsmiths will personify your brand and sell your services while subtly employing SEO best practices to both draw in readers and draw major traffic to your site.

User experience prototyping 

Our web development company goes the extra mile to prototype interactive, premium experiences that match your quality of service. With Figma’s intuitive site and product prototyping, we ensure every element has been thoroughly optimized before launch. 

A custom end product, on a platform that meets your needs

At Sangfroid! every website developer knows how to build a custom WordPress site—but that’s not all. They’re also well versed in Webflow and Shopify, to name a few. Enjoy creatives with unlimited prowess, committed to finding a platform where your brand can make waves. 

3. Back-end technology development and maintenance

Behind The Scenes, We’ll Keep Things Running Smoothly

Webflow site development

Building a custom WordPress site is just the beginning. Our team is talented with Webflow, a platform that hosts high-design, interactive sites for much cheaper than legacy web technology. 

Custom CMS integration

Leave the complex coding to the techies. Our crafty engineers will build a unique CMS that lets you modify key website areas, like blogs or service listings, with just a simple login—no 1s or 0s necessary.

Ongoing maintenance and content creation

Trust us to constantly upgrade your website and improve lead generation through targeted landing pages, long-form content marketing, prime social content, and other effective initiatives. If your website is live, we’re right by your side. We’re considered one of the leading Austin web development agencies for a reason—that’s just one of them.



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