Tracking & Analytics

Scale Successfully With Our Tailored Instrumentation Consultancy Services

Whether it’s comprehensive analytics tracking, full-stack tech implementation, or user analysis and segmentation, we help you deal in data. Our web analytics and digital marketing services push you toward every goal equipped with clear insights and promising stats.

1. Marketing software / tech stack implementation

Best-In-Class Tools To Revamp Your Marketing Efforts

Top-to-bottom web and marketing analytics

See the bigger picture from just about every angle with our comprehensive marketing and web analytics tools. Whether you’re tracking website performance through page load speed and pages per visit or measuring user engagement based on impressions and conversions, we empower your business with the numbers that power better decisions.

Essential tech implementation across your business

Our instrumentation consultants review your tech stack and guide you toward the best integrations to match your unique needs. Connect with customers using Intercom, store their data with Segment, see how they interact with products in Amplitude, and more—all fully integrated into your existing system, thanks to Sangfroid! 

Google Tag Manager deployment and monitoring

Leave the conversion and website tracking details to us. As a reputable Google Tag Manager agency, we make it easy to update, add, and monitor Google Tags as your business expands, your needs evolve, and your data sets multiply—then, we help you put this newfound insight to good use.

2. Audience analysis and segmentation

Easy-To-Understand Audience Insights You Can Depend On 

Analyzing user data for simple segmentation

Through comprehensive marketing and product analytics, we divide your data into reliable user segments that allow for effective targeting and retargeting efforts—an essential foundation for any successful marketing strategy. 

Creating usable audience personas

Our digital marketing, social media, and web analytics experts comb through endless stacks of user data to find the proverbial needle—a clearly defined target persona that cuts through the noise and helps you speak to your real-world customer base (no frustration necessary).

Strategizing RFM+ schemes and audience-specific strategies

Invest your marketing budget in the right places with our data-driven RFM+ techniques to segment and target your audience based on recency, frequency, and monetary value (and, in turn, increase the numbers across all three categories).

Implementing easy-to-read reporting software

We combine quantitative product analytics consulting with qualitative insights and experience-driven intuition to help you understand the big picture—the nuances behind the numbers, delivered as accessible, actionable reports. No miscommunications or missed growth opportunities here. 

3. Ongoing analysis and optimization of every marketing campaign

Analyzing and Optimizing At Every Turn, Even When We’re Winning 

Our insights are meant to fuel your journey and ignite new ideas. From your content and campaigns to user tracking and message timing, we develop a testing plan for every turn in our marketing roadmap, then work to optimize what we’re working with. Whether you’re starting out, scaling up, or setting out on a new path, our meticulous data-driven marketing keeps you iterating—and innovating.



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