The University of Texas at Austin


Why did the client come to us?

The University of Texas at Austin was in search of an agency to assist in fine-tuning their creative and media plan for their Impact Texas initiative, a campaign targeting Texas public servants and taxpayers to portray UT Austin as a force for positive change in the state during the Texas legislative session.


What were the core parts of the solution?

Employing best-in-class audience research and targeting tools, such as leveraging app profiles and geofencing, we devised an extensive media plan to reach a hyper-targeted audience of Texas public servants and with a secondary audience of 50k to 100k engaged voters and taxpayers.

In support of this effort, our creative team conducted a full audit on the initiative's flagship landing page, optimizing for an intuitive and effective experience–from contact to engagement.


What was the outcome?

Our goal was to target a specific group of high-profile individuals and active citizens. In our five-month campaign, we gathered over 7 million impressions across all platforms from our target audience. Given the tiny size and campaign goal of persuading a small group of high-value decision-makers, we couldn’t be happier with these results. Broken down by channel, we've garnered 30,200 unique users with 49,500 total page views on the campaign site, 3,426,200 google impressions, 730,000 Twitter impressions, and 2,875,3000 Facebook impressions. 

The campaign wrapped with average click-through rates of 8.65% on Twitter and 5.9% on paid searches around UT’s research programs. To achieve these results our media team utilized a thorough experimentation plan alongside an iterative, agile media methodology to optimize for the best performing creative on each platform. Ultimately, we met and exceeded our campaign goals.

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