Coldwell Bowes


Why did the client come to us?

Coldwell Bowes is a high-profile family and divorce law firm in Austin with 100 plus years of experience across their esteemed partners. They handle the highest profile of cases, however they had an off-the-shelf website and lacked the growth technology and practices to scale. Their website at the time, similar to many others, was based on templated designs, and therefore rather generic. They needed an online presence which reflected their reputation as the foremost divorce and family law attorneys in Austin, Texas. Their request included a modern, sophisticated brand, along with a bespoke,  optimized website, which would set them apart from their competition.


What were the core parts of the solution?

By hosting a series of interviews with the firm’s key decision makers, our team determined Coldwell Bowes’ values and unique offering, and translated these into a brand identity which spoke to the firm’s core identity. Additionally, dissecting what the firm’s leadership envisioned for their future was key to accurately curating and building digital representations. We created brand collateral using this new visual identity, and redesigned the firm’s website, including pristine new headshots of staff. Furthermore, we optimized the website for lead attraction and conversion. A key highlight of the project was a sophisticated and versatile logo, to accompany the newly minted bold and  brilliant business cards.


What was the outcome?

The firm was presented with a  comprehensive digital overhaul: a new identity to represent the firm’s prestige, along a strong foundation to attract new clients online. From an operational standpoint our integration of a quality CRM enabled them to process intakes efficiently, drive more leads while scaling and processing them faster. Due to these new improvements the firm began receiving more viable leads, resulting in selectivity in cases and an anticipated increase in hiring: evidence of the value of our service. Coldwell Bowes appointed Sangfroid! as its long-term digital marketing partner, and since launching the new website we have worked together on further branding opportunities and ongoing digital marketing initiatives.

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